Skill Development

We all know our interest in aviation is a life-long commitment to learning. A SAFE pilot will always strive to improve his or her knowledge and skills. On this page we will provide information and articles we feel will help you fly North of 60.

Interested in sharpening your "Bush Pilot" skills? Here is a .pdf of notes we made at the Atlin Fly-In seminar in 2010; BUSH FLYING TIPS.

Scout at Rose Lake

Two very good Documents I have come across about Float Plane operation come from the United States Government. I append them here (assuming it OK to reproduce Govt. publications?);


WATER DITCHING BROCHURE, from the US Dept. of Interior

TAIL WHEEL INSTRUCTION, by one so-called expert (me).

Above......a video of Mountain techniques from video supplied by Dan Reynolds....Enjoy!

Our Guide to SPOT Beacon use can be downloaded HERE.

Need Aviation Insurance in Yukon - Click HERE for our article on buying aviation insurance and knowing what exactly is needed.

A VERY GOOD source of skill development and equipment review can be found at BACKCOUNTRYPILOT which you can access here (PLEASE DONT FORGET TO COME BACK ! ).

ABOVE is some video that sort of points out the need to stay sharp ? (more time loading= better quality)\



Part of the SAFE aviation experience depends on our knowledge and skills in inspection and maintenance of our flyng hardware especially in our relative isolated and remote locations. We will include information here to help pilots operate all classes of aircraft safely.


What Can An Owner Do? (The 'Legal' List from T ransport Canada)

As someone who owns a certified aircraft, have you ever been tempted to do work on that aircraft? Well you can, and here is the Transport Canada approved list of what you can do, and some advice from one pilot on how you might proceed. CLICK HERE.


" Tundra-Tire / Bushwheel " Rehabilitation Project

Tundra tires are an expensive investment.  They can last 10 years or more with care (like keeping them out of the sun, limiting their use on pavement, and NOT making aggressive turns on taxying).    Here is an experiment we did to try to get a bit more use out of our old 29" tires.  These tires are NOT going to be re-used on a certified aircraft again and we don't recommend maintenance that is unsafe or possibly illegal so it is for information only. CLICK HERE

Cold Weather Operations

Anyone who has flown up here on a 20 below day knows how beautiful the North really is, and how much performance is improved by density altitude. Here is an article on how we recommend you keep your aircraft working well in sub-zero temperatures. CLICK HERE


Repair Your Cowls

This article by John Rogers and Joe Bachofen guide you through repairing cracked cowls and/or replacing missing cowl fasteners. With photos for us slow learners, CLICK HERE.


Valuable Maintenance reference documents

AC 43.13 The FAA and TC approved standard and techniques for aircraft maintenance can be accessed.

Lycoming Engine Operating Manual can be downloaded in .pdf by clicking - HERE .


ABOVE - Taking our Super CUB into a strip SW of Livingstone with a bit of tailwind.

If you have any helpful information or advice please send it along to me to help other Northern Pilots.