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CYXY Hanger - OFFERS until July 2021

48' x 60' x 16' steel hanger with 40' door. Oil heat. Office. Washroom and water tank. Govt Lease.

60 meter x 90 meter lot allows plenty of aircraft or helicopter parking.

Private access gate

Hanger map

Currently in use for commercial AMO in Whitehorse, YT

$450,000 OBO

  Call Florian 867-393-3513

Very Good Performer - Excellent Condition
CHALLENGER  1 -  $ 8,000 OBO

Stored indoors always

Rotax 477 with 31 Hours since recent overhaul (Runs Great)

Harrison Fiberglass Landing Gear with dual hydraulic brakes

Custom Baggage door

3 Year old BRS Ballistic Parachute ($5000 option)

Cabin Heat


Good glass, good fabric, lots of recent work, one of two Challengers, and now a third (New) aircraft has joined the fleet so just no longer flying it. A very cheap way to fully satisfactory short-field performance.  Also now selling a nice performing Challenger II for $16000 with floats and skis. (Below)

Asking $8000  (Sale includes BRS emergency chute), Call Terry at 867-334-3500

Chinook Chinook Chinook Chinook Chinook

Very Good Performer - Excellent Condition
CHALLENGER  2 (2 Place aircraft)-  $ 16,000 OBO by MOTIVATED SELLER

Stored indoors always

Rotax 503 with 400 Hours TT (Runs Great)

Wheels, skis and amphibious floats

Includes BRS Chute

Good condition, reliable aircraft, has flown the Yukon for several years now. I have two Challengers, and now a third (New) aircraft has joined the fleet so I need to reduce. A cheap way to fully satisfactory short-field performance.

Asking $16000  Call Terry at 334-3500

Chinook Chinook Chinook Chinook

Mustang II - VERY FAST !

440 TT

Lycoming 160 HP, Fuel Injected 200 since rebuild.

Hartzel Constant Speed with fresh overhaul

Full panel.

190 MPH at 75% power

Asking $60,000

Clare Hawthorne. 1-780-518-2694 or clarehawthorne2@gmail.com , in Grande Prairie ALberta

Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang

QUAZAR (PULSAR) - Good Quality

100 TTSN

ROTAX 912, 100 TT

Ground adjustable prop.l

2 Place (side by side), bubble canopy

130 MPHat 75% power

Asking $40,000

Clare Hawthorne. 1-780-518-2694 or clarehawthorne2@gmail.com , In Grande Prairie Alberta



Super Cub For Sale (PA-18 / L-21);

SuperCub SuperCub SuperCub

My Super Cub (PA-18/L-21) 150 HP is for sale, despite how much I enjoy it ..... If I can bring myself to stop flying it I will sell it and move on to new projects. But it is non-negotiable price because of reliability and performance.

3850 TT, rebuilt in 1999, 450 SMOH, all compressions over #75, steady unchanged oil consumption for 5 years now ( 6 hours / liter w80 )

Float mounts, new glass, always hangered, Micro VGs, double puck Cleavlands with boosters, borer prop, removable cross bar, safety cables, new battery, HD struts, extended baggage, new Goodyear 26" tires, etc. A few cosmetic warts (small dent in leading edge, small dent in boot cowl lower right, patch on one tip. Flys hands off (well, as good as any Cub does) gets off quick and in SHORT!.  This is the best/fun aircraft of the dozen or so I have built or owned (with the exception of my RV-8).

Contact webmaster@yukonflying.com. $70,000  (US dollars) NON NEGOTIABLE.



BMW Aircraft Engine FOR SALE

BMW EngineBMW Engine

BMW Aircraft Engine. 100 HP ++. 40 Hr TTSN, Engine mount, exhaust, gearbox and MT prop available. Asking $7000 Canadian Contact Helmut Schoener in Dawson City at 867-993-6347




The items below are listed here for your convenience with no warranty, guarantee or promise. To add or remove items to the list contact me;

Garmin 296

Good condition, includes mount and charger



Call Tim, in Whitehorse, 1-867-633-6188

Generator and Starter from Continental 0-300

I removed the Generator and the Starter from my 0-300 to replace with the new "Light- Weight" versions.

No tags on these of course, but there was absolutely no issue with them when removed (except they are heavy of course).  George 334-3555

Full Lotus 2150 Floats

Good Fabric and bottoms, Spare Bladders




Arnie 1-780-832-9750 (Phone or Text)

AVIONICS FOR SALE  (removed from entire  4 - ship Cessna 206 fleet this fall for upgrade to glass....most Tagged 'Serviceable')



Upgrade of our entire Cessna 206 fleet makes the following available, all are serviceable unless otherwise noted:

(Click on each description to view a photo of actual parts):

A6 Narco MK 12 D VHF Com with harness (Tagged Serviceable)

A7 KING Audio Panel(Tagged Serviceable)

A8 Foster WX900 Stormscope complete with harness and antennae (Tagged Serviceable)

A9 SIGMATEK attitude Indicator (Tagged Serviceable)

A10 UNITED VSI in good shape (Tagged Serviceable)

A11 Beechcraft Directional Gyro (Not Tagged, slight crack in air fitting OFFERS?)

A12 Northern Airborne Intercom (Not Tagged)

A13 KING KY 97A VHF Com with mounting tray (Not Tagged)

A14 KING KY196 VHF Com with maintenance release from Dusey

A15 Narco 120/20 VHF Com with mounting tray (Not Tagged)

A16 SIGMATEK Attitude Indicator (Tagged Serviceable)

A17 RC Allen Attitude Indicator (Not Tagged - OFFERS ?)

A18 Cessna Attitude Indicator (Not Tagged - OFFERS?)

A19 SIGMATEK Attitude Indicator (Not Tagged Serviceable - OFFERS ?)

A20 CENTURY Navigation Situation Display Head (Not Tagged Serviceable - OFFERS ?)

A21 Airborne Vacum Pump complete with regulator and filter (Tagged Serviceable)

A22 RAPCO Vacum Pump complete with regulator , filter, and gauge (Tagged Serviceable)

A23 and A24 AEROFLASH wing tip power supplies (Not Tagged Serviceable - OFFERS for each/both?)

A25 Scott Tailwheel C 180/185 complete and in good shape (Not Tagged)

A26 RAPCO Vacum Pump Complete with regulator, filter and gauge (Not Tagged)

A27 Cessna Strut 'steps' x 3 (2 white and 1 red) (Not Tagged)

A28 'Airwolf" oil filter system complete from 0-540 Lycoming (Tagged Serviceable)

A29 Turn Coordinator working (Not Tagged Serviceable)

A30 UMA Vacum Gauge (Not Tagged Serviceable)

All tagged and serviceable parts we value at 1/2 Aircraft Spruce list price, or make an offer.

Contact Gerd at 1-867-333-9249, located in CYXY

Aircraft Building Tools (Complete Specialty tools available)

The RV-6 project is gone.....Tools for sale ("....they never left the living room")

Clecos (>500 assorted), Whitney punch, countersink drill, rivet cutters, rivet removal tool, swage tool, air-rivet gun, rivet sets, bucking bars, ATS pneumatic squeezer kit, hand squeezer, torque wrench, high quality pneumatic drill, dimpling arch, etc etc.....It lists out at $5000 at Aircraft Spruce, but RALPH TROBERG in Dawson City will sell it all for less than half of that

He also has a brand new SNAP-ON Rolling Tool cabinet he wants $700 for.

Call Ralph for detail list  at 867-993-3198

t 667-7573


Radio equipment- removed from upgraded commercial aircraft - WORKING WHEN REMOVED - NO TAGS:

Cessna R546E ADF with Indicator $200, Narco DME 190 -$200; AR850 Alt. Encoder, $ 150,

phone me at three three four three five five five !

Tirest R546E ADF with Indicator $ 250.

Tirest Narco DME190, $250

Interested? Contact me for more info or a photo. George

AVIONICS WEST EC-100 Aviation entertainment system (Cassette/AM/FM) $50.00 (no Tags)

All the above items are advertised as a service, we accept no money for postings and accept no responsibility for items listed. We do reserve the right to remove any posting any time for any reason.