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NEW PA-18-160

0-320 160 Hp, wide fuselage from Alaska Airframes, Atlee Dodge extended gear, baggage door, all options, complete airframe is brand new, engine 400 SMOH

$ 199,000 Florian at 393-2816





Well kept Cessna 120, C 85 with 350 SMOH, Cleveland wheels and brakes, 8.00 x 6 tires, Annual in May 2018. A great inexpensive flyer and good to learn on.

1/2 share for $14,500 or keep it to yourself for $28,000

Contact Adam Stillar at adamstillar@gmail.com




2005 Savannah STOL

Rotax 912

120 Hrs Total Time

Czech 14 ' Metal Amphibious Floats included.

This is absolutely a REMARKABLE performer, and in perfect condition.


Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah

Contact Miles at :867-456-2208


Rod (in Carcross) is selling his collection of aircraft;

96 Glasair III- 500TT, I0-540, 8+/10, second owner, traditional panel, solid, $125,000


1980 T182 RG, 4000TT, 1800SMOH, all cylinders  74/80 or better, IFR, solid 7/10, $85,000


Call him at skywaysrod@hotmail.com or find him in Carcross or Whitehorse!

CGS Hawk Arrow 2

Registered as Ultra-Light.

Rotax 582 - 120 Hours


Full Lotus Floats.

120 hours on airframe, in good shape, this is a remarkable light-weight performer.  GOOD LOADS...SHORT-FIELDS.

Asking $20,000


Contact Byron at :867-336-3383 or at: byrongagne@gmail.com


Super Cub For Sale (PA-18 / L-21);

SuperCub SuperCub

My Super Cub (PA-18/L-21) 150 HP is for sale, despite how much I enjoy it. If I can bring myself to stop flying it I will sell it and move on to new projects.

3420 TT, rebuilt in 1999, 373 SMOH, all compressions over #70, steady oil consumption, great performance !!!!

Float mounts, new glass, hangered, Micro VGs, double puck Cleavalands with boosters, borer prop, removable cross bar, safety cables, new battery, HD struts, etc. A few cosmetic warts (small dent in left leading edge, dent in boot cowl, patch on one tip, cowl fit is being improved) but this is the best/fun aircraft of the dozen or so I have built or owned (with the exception of my RV-8).

Contact me. $65 K (US dollars) NON NEGOTIABLE.



For Sale;


Piper Pacer

Good Mechanical, lots of new stuff.

Poor cosmetically, just needs TLC inside and out to be a good cheap flyer.

Call Lance Goodwin at Arctic Institute at 867-841-4561 or try Lance at noiseyrange@gmail.com


BMW Aircraft Engine FOR SALE

BMW EngineBMW Engine

BMW Aircraft Engine. 100 HP ++. 40 Hr TTSN, Engine mount, exhaust, gearbox and MT prop available. Asking $7000 Canadian Contact Helmut Schoener in Dawson City at 867-993-6347



EDO 3500 Amphib Floats FOR SALE

Amphibious 3500's off 185, New pump, audio, hatches, etc. Clean set from Mid-West. Call Ron in SITKA 907-747-1077

( Call Ron if you need a set of EDO 2960's ).


Yukon Flying Flea-market

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Radio equipment- removed from upgraded commercial aircraft - WORKING WHEN REMOVED - NO TAGS:

Cessna RT359A Tansponder with AR 850 Alt Sensor $500, Narco MK 12D G/S (with backplate) $ 750 , and 2 VOR Course Indicators $100 ea, Cessna R546E ADF with Indicator $200, Narco DME 190 -$250; phone me at three three four three five five five !

Tirest RT359A TRANSPONDER with AR 850 Altitude $ 500

Tirest Narco Mk12D (with backplate) , Glideslope, 2 Course Indicators, Receiver - $750 for all.

Tirest R546E ADF with Indicator $ 250.

Tirest Narco DME190, $250

Interested? Contact me for more info or a photo. George

Tirest850 x 6 Mcrearys, in very good shape, $ 400 / pr (less than 1/2 price).


"AEROSONIC Altimeter/Digitizer", Overhauled by Pacific Avionics 30 Oct. 2007, unused since, no Tag. Make me an offer?


I/C Telex Intercom (with extra passenger plugs) , was hard wired in but 12 Volt Ciggarette Plug could be substituted to make this portable.  Works well.  $ 200 OBO

AVIONICS WEST EC-100 Aviation entertainment system (Cassette/AM/FM) $50.00 (no Tags)

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