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Flying around the Yukon;

Welcome to YukonFlying's 'Pre-Flight' procedure , we want to help you have a safe and enjoyable trip flying around the Yukon. To help you prepare here are a few resources you might need;

Places to Fly;

Thinking of going flying in the Yukon?  Try Carcross.......check out the video below;


Or, if you are interested in a list of my FAVORITE FLY-TO DESTINATIONS for a few ideas of what to do on wheels this link will get you there?


ABOVE - YouTube Video - Flying into Len Burrows Strip with the SUPER CUB ( more time loading = better quality)

And, just so we don't leave you at Len's, - BELOW - is our video of coming out of Len's strip.



Do you need to find an airstrip, or maybe an emergency alternate before you go?

Disclaimer- the airstrips listed below are for emergency planning purposes only, in most cases maintenance is non-existent. No one can guarantee the conditions of any remote strip here so use normal caution....don't commit to any landing unless you are sure you can get in...and out...safely!

Check out YTGs 'official' - Yukon Government / Airport Inventory and Yukon Government / Airstrips Map

Once you know where you're going, use the links below to check weather or contact flight planning;


If you are thinking of flying North perhaps to Old Crow, The Beaufort Sea, Tuktoyaktuk, or Inuvik you can get some first-hand help from our article by Claire and Ed Festel who did exactly that on a "Cessna Arctic Adventure" a few years back. - CLICK HERE


Check the Weather;

Alaskan Weather Cameras

Canadian Western Weather Cameras

The local cameras are available at; Haines Jct, Carmacks, Fraser, Atlin, and Rancheria (on Alaska Highway West of Watson Lake), and we are hoping Horse Camp Hill (between Beaver Creek and Haines jct.) is coming soon.

Nav Canada Weather Site

YTG Aviation & Marine Services


Flight Planning & Filing;


To file flight plans contact Flight Services in Kellowna B.C. at 1-866-541-4207 (Disclaimer; Kellowna is over 1000 NM South of the Yukon in British Columbia, there is a computer kiosk below the Tower at CYXY)




Following the Federal Government improvements in Flight Services the reliability of in-flight radio communication with services on the ground has proven to be hit-n-miss! We have the .pdf document they supplied; RCO FREQUENCIES

Don't rely on contacting them . Most aircraft overflying the Yukon monitor 126.7. Blind updates to your progress are a good idea.

Local Community Air Radio Stations are only open during certain hours and those hours change seasonally. Reception is restricted by low power transmitters and terraine. For a.pdf list of service hours and contact information for the local "Community Air Radio Stations" ahead of time click ; CARS Stations in Yukon

ADVICE - 'SPIDERTRACKS' or 'SPOT' BEACONS or "InReach" beacons are invaluable in the North. Sattelite phones are equally useful. (If you are a tourist I recommend renting one to bring along while you're up here.)

You can access our guide to selecting or setting up your InReach or SPOT Beacon - HERE.


ABOVE - Is YouTube video of us flying out of a clearing in the Southern Yukon (more time = better quality)

Other Phone numbers are:    

YXY Flight Services (NavCanada)       867-667-8427 or 1 - 866 - 541 - 4107    

CYXY Tower                                               867-667-8426    

Fuel (North 60)                                                  668-2115  (Currently the ONLY fuel supplier at CYXY)